Rescue Page

Our team at Dog Gone are adamant animal lovers especially our owners James and Kay. They have four rescue dogs and also foster for a local rescue. Each month, we will highlight a rescue that you can choose to donate toward and we will also share animals up for adoption.

Hero Hound Rescue

Please click the image above to be taken to their webpage.

Saving Hound Lives through Quality Vet Care, Education & Love

Our Current Foster


Let’s officially welcome Abraham to the family thanks to fosters Kay & James! Even though Abraham is currently skin & bones and suffering from an old injury to one of his back paws, he is so full of love & life. Abraham was pulled from Fayette County where his time was running out….fostering truly saves lives! If you would like to assist in his vet care, please feel free to donate, Venmo: @HeroHounds or Paypal: [email protected]